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Openreach continues to patch up Bournemouth, Cambridge and other areas hit by UK Storm

Openreach engineers have been working overtime to reconnect broadband and phone customers knocked off the grid by St. Jude’s Storm at the end of October. 

Despite measures taken by BT’s network arm to minimise damage to customers, a small number of locations across the south of England continue to be affected. 

Last week Openreach announced that it had cleared the way for new customers to be connected in Guilford, Maidenhead, Reading, Southampton and Taunton. 

Openreach continue to patch up Bournemouth, Cambridge and other areas hit by UK Storm
How high’s the water, mama? When storms hit, Openreach has its work cut out for it

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Openreach’s repair logs and MBORCsBut it was only until later on that engineers announced that all repair work had been completed in Maidenhead, Reading and Southampton. Repair work in the following areas has yet to be completed:

  • Bournemouth 
  • Cambridge 
  • Central Downs 
  • Colchester and Ipswich 
  • Crayford 
  • Croydon 
  • East Downs 
  • Esher 
  • Hemel 
  • Guildford
  • Romford 
  • Southend
  • West Downs (including the Isle of Wight) 

Whenever extreme weather, scrap metal thieves or badgers compromise the Openreach network, an ‘MBORC’ (Measures Beyond Our Reasonable Control) status is issued. This is kept in place until engineers can get round to fixing everything and normal services resume. 

Bad weather can often lead to prolonged delays as water flooding cabinets can cause extensive damage that takes time to address. 

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