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Openreach engineers clear UK storm damage in Reading and Southampton

Openreach engineers have cleared out the last of the damage caused by St. Jude’s Storm, which had prevented new customers from being connected in a number of places including Reading and Southampton. 

As of this week, new customers in Guilford, Maidenhead and Taunton will now be able to order new broadband or fibre-based services although there is still work to be done in other areas across the UK. 

Openreach, BT’s network arm, planned ahead and ensured that only a small number of customers lost broadband and phone services following the storm which hit the UK at the end of October. 

Openreach engineers clear UK Storm damage in Reading and Southampton
GPOh-no: Openreach engineers are working overtime to restore service to pre-storm levels

Despite this, the extreme weather has meant that rollout of new connections have had to be postponed while engineers work to clear out damage caused by the weather. So-called MBORC (Measures Beyond Our Reasonable Control) statuses have been declared by Openreach and are still active in the following areas: 

  • Cambridge 
  • Colchester and Ipswich 
  • Hemel 
  • Southend 
  • Romford 
  • East Downs 
  • Central Downs 
  • West Downs (including the Isle of Wight) 
  • Esher 
  • Croydon 
  • Crayford

Until work in these regions is finished, customers won’t be able to place an order for new broadband and phone services. Openreach is working to clear the backlog and aims to have services restored to pre-storm levels as soon as possible. 

Image: Stewart Black/Flickr


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