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Openreach repairs Exeter’s broadband connections after French lightning attack

Broadband and phone access in Exeter has been fully restored by Openreach engineers. 

Services were disrupted almost two weeks ago after a storm drifted over from France. Lightning strikes and flooding caused several customers to experience partial or total loss of broadband and phone services on the BT network. 

After working to get everyone back on line, engineers restored all services and gave the all clear last night. 

Openreach repairs Exeter’s broadband connections after French lightning attack
I can stream clearly now the rain has gone

Read our feature ‘Why hasn’t BT Openreach fixed my broadband?’A BT spokesperson said: “We have been working extremely hard to recover the situation, following the extensive impacts caused by multiple lightning strikes and flooding, in the Wessex region. 

Openreach is pleased to remove MBORC for repair activities in the area, with effect from 23:59 hours, on Tuesday 15 October 2013.”

An MBORC – short for Measures Beyond Our Reasonable Control – status is issued whenever the Openreach network is compromised by some exterior ‘act of God’ factor. 

Normally this is issued during bouts of extreme weather but other things like rodent damage or copper theft can also result in these notices being issued. 

BT engineers have had a tough year of it after winter weather led to several broadband outage. Places including the Isle of Arran, Northern Ireland, Scotland and parts of northern England were snowed under in March, requiring BT to come to the rescue. 


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