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Orange TV Check support for Sky and Virgin Media coming: Hands-on video

Orange TV Check support for Sky and Virgin Media coming: Hands-on videoOrange TV Check is a new check-in service for TV programmes in a similar vein to GetGlue. Or, if you’re not acquainted with GetGlue, it’s perhaps best thought of as Foursquare for TV. We got to have a (very) quick demo of the new Orange TV Check app yesterday; here it is.

By holding your iPhone up to a TV screen, Orange TV Check will recognise what programme you’re watching and check you in the show.

As Orange’s Conran Poulson explains, there’s the potential to become the ‘Master’ of the show and earn badges. Currently there’s badges for The Apprentice, Emmerdale, Eastenders Coronation Street and Eastenders.

The smart thing is that even if an ad break is running, the app will still work. Using EPG data provided by TV Tak, Orange TV Check knows what programmes are running, when adverts are scheduled and can match ads using video recognition algorithms.

There’s even the option to set reminders, or ‘pre-check in’ as the app calls it, on a rather basic looking EPG.

As well as programme-based badges (new ones are added each week) there’s badges for a certain number of check-ins too. You can also rack up points and awards in quizzes. Were you paying attention during the last episode of The Killing?

Poulson told Recombu Digital that there’s plans for points to translate into real world prizes, in the form of meetings with cast and crew members of popular shows, as has been done with Orange TV Check up in France.

Right now, Orange TV Check only supports the top 25 Freeview channels; tough luck if you were hoping to unlock the Babestation badge.

We understand that plans to expand channel support and work with Sky and Virgin Media programmes are in the pipeline too.

Orange TV Check is available to download from iTunes App Store now for free and will be headed to Android devices on Google Play later this month.