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Panasonic announces new 4K Pro engine and Firefox-powered UI

Panasonic has lifted the curtain on its new “4K Pro” picture engine which, the manufacturer says, will deliver cinema-quality visuals across its new range of VIERA and Curved TV’s.

The new software engine has been developed to get the most out of the company’s new 4K Studio Master Processor and Wide Colour Phosphor panels which, Panasonic claim, cover 98 per cent of the Digital Cinema Initiative’s colour range.

The system makes use of advanced colour management tech, such as 3D Lookup Tables, which are used in the film industry to map colour spaces, to deliver professional levels of colour accuracy and give the viewer an experience much more akin to what a movie’s director would have seen in the editing suite.

The tech isn’t just pre-occupied with colour. It will also deliver greater shadow detail and much more accurate tone when reproducing dark scenes, as well as native playback of HDR content, giving viewers the opportunity to enjoy the greater range of luminosity which comes with it.

Panasonic also detailed the new Firefox OS-driven Home Screen 2.0 UI, which will launch with the company’s upcoming CR850, CR730, CX800, CX750, CX700 and CX680 series TVs.

The new user interface divides content into three “decks” which aims to make it easy for you to navigate and access the stuff you want, when you want it, without having to go swimming through menus.

You’ll have “The Live TV Deck” which will bring you all your live TV content and most watched channels, “The Apps Deck” which will serve up all your apps and games and “The Devices Deck” which will allow you to access any and all devices connected up to your TV both wired and wirelessly, including tablets, phones, computers and USB storage.

The new UI also gives users a search tool which they can use to hunt down content across both local and internet-based services.

Being Firefox-powered, the UI will also facilitate easy sharing of content. Panasonic states that you’ll just need to be connected to the same WiFi as the TV and using a Firefox browser to serve up photos, videos or other content to your telly.


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