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Panasonic confirms 8K Ultra HD at 2020 Olympics

Panasonic’s 8K Ultra HD cameras will be used to broadcast the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. 

The Tokyo games will act as guinea pig for the 8K broadcasts, offering coverage of events in four times the picture quality of 4K Ultra HD, which in turn offers four times more definition than 1080p Full HD. 

Panasonic says it will be working closely alongside fellow Japanese company NHK, which first mooted the Tokyo games as the world’s first 8K Olympics last year and more recently recorded the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi in 8K Ultra HD

Panasonic confirms 8K Ultra HD at 2020 Olympics
Tokyo 2020: We’ve got six years to get our 8K Ultra HD plans sorted

Panasonic senior vice president Shiro Nishiguchi said that the main issue for 8K – also known as Super Hi-Vision – at present was not in recording footage but broadcasting it. 

“The fact is that we have been working on 8K with NHK for years already and every year we are reducing the size of the equipment and reducing the cost,” he told press at the company’s European convention in Amsterdam. 

He added that by 2020, the number of improvements made to the technology would make experimental broadcasts possible and more widely available. 

It’s worth noting that here in the UK, broadcasters including the BBC and Sky, have yet to agree on broadcast standards for 4K Ultra HD, let alone 8K. In other words, we’ve got six years to prepare ourselves, or we won’t be able to witness the spectacle of Mo Farah’s perma-surprised face in 8K. 

Meanwhile, prices for 4K Ultra HD sets continue to fall, despite there not being a great amount of Ultra HD content available to watch. 

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