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Panasonic connected TVs tackle six apps on the fly

Panasonic Smart Viera Connect 2012Panasonic’s connected LED and plasma TVs for 2012 can run up to six applications at the same time, from Skype to streaming video.

Viera Connect, Panasonic’s cloud-based smart TV system, now has more than 170 developers working on applications from games to healthcare.

Apps are now more integrated than ever with the TV’s hardware, with DLNA to share media files around the home and Picasa allowing you to upload photos from storage plugged into the TVs’ SD card slots or USB ports.

Viera Connect is also easier to control, with a touch-pad remote control supplied with flagship TVs and Blu-Ray players, and the Viera Remote app allowing complete control from a smartphone or tablet.

Multi-tasking means you can run Skype video calls, Twitter or Facebook while watching TV – so you can watch with friends or just escape a boring conversation.

The smart-enabled TVs, can all run up to six apps at once, with the top-level WT50, VT50 and GT50 working even faster thanks to dual-core processors.

USB connections are universal, for peripherals such as hard discs, Skype cameras or even treadmills and weight scales, and Bluetooth on the same high-end models.

Other features include a web browser and WiFi connections – either built-in or using a USB dongle.

There’s also both active and passive 3D support, with the active models now coming with two pairs of super-light glasses and passive models supplied with four pairs of specs.

The 2012 Smart Viera plasma HDTV line-up – the VT50, GT50, ST50, UT50, XT50 and X50 series – has screen sizes ranging from 42in to 65 in.

The line-up of Smart Viera LED LCD TVs, includes Panasonic’s largest ever LED screens, running from 32in to 55in.