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Panasonic KX-TG6891 DECT cordless phone video hands-on

We’ve all used our home phone to ring a mislaid mobile, but how about calling your car keys?

That’s just what’s on offer from Panasonic’s new digital cordless DECT phones, which use new wireless tech to locate keys placed as far as 200m away; now that’s one big house.

We got our eyes and ears on the Panasonic KX-TG6891, the Japanese manufacturer’s top-of-the-range new DECT phone and the first to enable its new Key Finder feature.

It’s a simple premise: an optional extra, the Key Finder KX-TGA-20 consists of a small fob that attaches to keys, which the DECT handset can communicate with up to around 50m indoors, and as much as 200m if you’re outside. As well as making a bleeping sound as they wirelessly link-up, the DECT handset also lets you know how far away the fob is.

Each handset can link to a maximum of four Key Finder fobs, so should avoid losses for nuclear families.

The KX-TG6891’s other claim to fame is noise reduction, which features across Panasonic’s DECT line-up for 2013. This feature is aimed at busy offices, where call quality can get dodgy; it’s a standard, always-on slab of circuitry that appears to deaden interference and isolate voice during calls.

Recognising the secondary importance of DECT phones to smartphones in most people’s lives, the KX-TG6891 can send a voice or text message to a pre-registered mobile phone or office phone each time a message is left on your home phone.

The KX-TG6891 handset itself is slim and feels lightweight, while its 1.8in, white-backlit display features a user interface that’s as simple as they come.

One handset and a base station are the default package, though that base station can support up to four extra handsets. Available in Black, Metallic Grey, Pearl Silver and Brown, the KX-TG6891 is part of Panasonic’s 68 Series.

Panasonic KX-TG6891 DECT cordless phone video hands-onPanasonic KX-TG6891 DECT cordless phone video hands-on


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