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Panasonic’s Post Focus feature lets you refocus an existing photo

We test out the Post Focus tool on Panasonic’s Lumix TZ100EB camera, which allows you to change the focus of a photo, even after it’s already been taken. Check out our hands-on video of Post Focus in action.

The Lumix TZ100 camera just launched by Panasonic boasts a powerful 20-megapixel MOS sensor that’s strong for low light photography, plus a powerful 10x optical zoom and the ability to shoot 4K footage. But it’s the Post Focus feature that really caught our eye at Panasonic’s big launch event in Frankfurt this week.

Post Focus is a great addition to the Lumix line-up, offering the ability to change the focus of a 4K shot after it’s already been taken in 4K Photo mode – a feature previously seen on the likes of HTC’s One M8 smartphone. If you’re constantly throwing out photos where your subject isn’t quite in focus, the TZ100’s Post Focus feature will help you to recover those shots and make them album-worthy again.

Or if you simply fancy adding some cool boche and other effects to your photos, then Post Focus will be a lot of fun to play with.

Check out our hands-on review of the Post Focus feature on the Lumix TZ100 below.


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