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Panasonic unveils full 2015 TV range

Home entertainment giant Panasonic has today unveiled its entire range of TVs for 2015 and there’s a huge amount to choose from.

The company’s new flagship range, the Pro 4K CX800 offers, as the name suggests, UHD 4K visuals, while the CR850 series feature curved screens for cinematic at-home viewing.

Other devices in Panasonic’s new line-up include the entry-level CX400 series, which are available in 40, 50, 55 and 65-inch models, as well as the CX680, CX700, CX750 and CX800, all flat-panel LED TVs in varying sizes across the board.

Panasonic has also added some exciting new internal trickery to its TVs, including the 4K Studio Master Processor; a processor design exclusively to allow Panasonic TVs to produce images which are “totally faithful to the director’s vision”. Several of the high-end models will also run a new UI based on Firefox OS called Home Screen 2.0 too, which will allow for easy navigation through live TV, apps and all your connected devices.

Another cool feature is the TV streaming option, which allows you to stream broadcasts from the main TV in your house to other Panasonic TVs (or smartphones and tablets). The company’s aim is to revolutionise the way we view media at home, as well as away; TVs in the CR850, CX800, CR730, CX750, CX700 and CX680 series will come equipped with the new Panasonic Media Center App which allows you to stream live TV to a tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world.

Panasonic has worked hard to give the devices a look which will allow them to fit seamlessly into even the most stylish living room, with “high-grade materials to give a luxurious, premium look and feel”, combined with minimalist frames and low-key colour combinations.

Obviously, we’ve not yet had a chance to get a hands-on feel for the new hardware yet, but they looked pretty tasty when we got eyes-on with them at CES, so we’ll be looking forward to putting them through their paces when they launch, and that goes double for Panasonic’s upcoming 4K Blu-ray player.


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