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Panasonic’s smart TV ad will explain what connecting your TV to broadband can deliver

Britons’ understanding of smart TV will get a boost tonight when millions of Friday night TV viewers see Panasonic’s latest ad for its Viera TV range.

The 30-second ad neatly showcases everything from video-on-demand and games to streaming pictures and videos from your phone or tablet with a swipe of your finger.

Everything featured is Panasonic, from Viera TVs to the Eluga phone, but with most smart TV services converging on the same key features, it should help the industry as a whole.

Panasonic Viera Smart TV

Smart Viera was the first smart TV service to offer Skype in high definition on a big-screen TV, and there’s now a Viera TV remote control app for iOS and Android, which works with the 2011 and 2012 TVs.

It’s an app-based platform where you can download apps to create a unique desktop on your TV. Recent arrivals include two 3D libraries – 3doo and Viera 3D World – Russian-language news channel VGTRK, multiplayer online poker with Holdem Connect, and classic arcade game Apple Muncher.

In case you don’t catch the ad, or you’re an advert-denying PVR-owner like us, here it is: