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Paramount films coming to Google TV, Google Play and YouTube

Paramount films coming to Google TV, Google Play and YouTubeGoogle and Paramount have done a deal which’ll see the likes of the Godfather Trilogy, Ferries Bueller’s Day Off and, er, I Love You Man available for download via Google Play and YouTube Rentals.

The deal adds 500 new movie titles to Google’s arsenal of video content and gives Paramount more exposure for its wares.

Google TV might be in its infancy but there’s millions of Android phones and tablets out there. So for a few quid you’ll be able to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon on your Asus Transformer Prime.

UK prices for your typical movie rental via Google Play work out at £2.49 – £3.49, with HD titles costing a bit more at £4.49.

Google has previously signed deals with Disney, Sony, Universal, Warner Bros. The addition of Paramount movies means that its just 20th Century Fox that’s out of the picture, so to speak.

For UK consumers its blinkbox that’s offering a more comprehensive package. As well as stocking titles from all of the big media distributors – the recent deal with Disney UK and Ireland made it a full house – you can also watch popular BBC content like Sherlock free of charge online, through your PS3 or Samsung Smart TV.