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Paypal and LG tie up for simple smart TV payments

LG Smart TV owners can now make payments using PayPal, allowing you to buy apps and on-demand video while inebriated without entering complex credit card details.

The easy-payment system also has many sober uses, and can be used in either a PIN-protected secure mode or a convenient ‘remember me’ mode.

PayPal will initially be introduced as an option for LG’s Smart TV app marketplace, but will be used for home entertainment purchases such as films and music.

Paypal and LG tie up for simple smart TV payments
PayPal makes it easy to say: “I bought that last night?”

Richard Choi, senior vice president of the Smart Business Center at LG Electronics, said: “PayPal significantly reduces the number of steps the user has to take in order to complete a transaction; saving them time by eliminating the need to enter credit card and address details for each subsequent purchase. 

“Moving forward, it will also make it possible for LG to better integrate digital commerce with first-class home entertainment.”

LG TV users can use their remote control, or input their PIN using the Magic Remote pointer and an onscreen keyboard.

Paypal has placed smart TV in its targets for building new use, said senior director Randall Davies, with the LG service already online in the UK, US and Canada ahead of launches in Europe and Australia this month.


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