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PC and broadband for £99 with TalkTalk and Go ON UK

PC and broadband for £99 with TalkTalk and Go ON UKTalkTalk has teamed up with Go ON UK to offer reconditioned PCs and laptops for £99 and £149 a piece.

Go ON UK is the initiative set up by Martha Lane Fox (founder of which aims to help as many people in the UK get connected to the internet as possible.

The deal sees you qualifying for a discounted PC or laptop (which falls to £49 and £119 on certain benefits) while getting TalkTalk Essentials for £5 a month (normally £6.50 a month).

This gives you access to fast broadband (speed depending on the area you live in), 40GB of downloads and Unlimited Evening & Weekend Calls (between 7pm and 7am weekdays and between midnight Friday & midnight Sunday) to UK numbers.

TalkTalk: Broadband and a cheap PC or laptop for just over £30 a month

You’ll need to sign up for 12 months and pay line rental (£14.50 a month) and a connection fee of either £30 or £50 depending on whether the line is new/needs reconnecting.

When you factor in the £99 cost of the PC and spread it over a year, the total package works out at £30.25 a month for everything. Spreading the cost of the laptop (£119) over 12 months would work out at £31.91.

In either case you’re paying just over £30 a month for an all-inclusive deal which gives you everything you need to get connected.

TalkTalk told Recombu Digital that although you can’t take this offer out on the TalkTalk Plus package, customers can opt for the Mega Download Boost (an extra £5 a month) which will give you 80GB – double the normal usage cap.

Head over to Go ON UK for info on this deal and other initiatives.