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Philips HomeCooker neXt prototypes app-controlled cooking range

Philips has enhanced its HomeCooker system with WiFi and an app which helps you create recipes and control the cooking even when you’re out of the kitchen.

The HomeCooker Next prototype was on show at this year’s IFA 2013 show in Berlin, with the production model expected later this year, alongside a range of app-assisted smart home technology.

It’s based on the HomeCooker developed with Jamie Oliver to make creative and healthy cooking easier for busy parents.

Philips HomeCooker neXt prototypes app-controlled cooking range
The Philips HomeCooker Next app turns anyone into a chef

Read Recombu Digital’s guides to Smart Home Appliances and the Smart HomeKatrin Hansson, consumer marketing director for Philips Kitchen Appliances, said: “Many consumers are already using their smart devices to find new recipes online, so we’re exploring ways to create a smart digital kitchen appliance. 

“We’ve been working with consumers to discover insights and generate ideas, and look forward to using these co-created ideas within our partnership with Jamie Oliver, to define what the next generation of HomeCooker and other kitchen appliances could bring to help people live healthier lives.”

The HomeCooker allows users to roast, steam or sauté a range of dishes, with separate meat and vegetable compartments, and AutoStir technology that prevents burning and ensures thorough cooking.

The HomeCooker Next app helps users find recipes and create them, with step-by-step instructions.

The app calculates the time and temperature settings, then beeps and notifies the cook on-screen that their meal is ready, reducing the heat to keep it warm without burning.

Apps drive Philips air-con, baby monitoring and coffee-making

IFA also saw app-control in its Smart Air Purifier, Smart Baby Monitor and Saeco GranBaristo Avanti coffee machine.

The Philips Smart Air Purifier app provides a real-time overview of indoor air quality and remote control of the device.

Parents can connect to the Philips Smart Baby Monitor from their smartphone over 3G or WiFi, select between multiple monitors, and control Philips Hue digital lighting to help build the child’s routine.

The Saeco GranBaristo Avanti app lets you control the mix of water, milk, heat and coffee to create new recipes, with links to an online coffee knowledge hub where users can share recipes.


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