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Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus lets you pimp your kitchen units

If you’ve ever wanted the undersides of your kitchen cabinets to light up like a tricked out Ford Fiesta XR2, then get thee to Philips’s Hue Lightstrip Plus. 

The latest addition to Philips’s ever-expanding range of smart lighting products is literal extension of the previous two metre-long Lightstrips. 

Related: Philips Hue tips: 5 fun things to do with your smart lights and Hue Go; a portable colour-changing wireless bowl of lightThe new Lightstrip Plus can cover up to 10 meters of floor, ceiling or wall space in your home. Going on sale for £80 from 6 October onwards, you get a two metre strip with the basic kit, with extra metre-long strips costing £30 each.

Philips representatives at IFA 2015 told us that, in theory, you’d be able to connect more strips to make even longer chains, but beyond 10 metres, it’s currently impossible to guarantee true colour synchronicity. 

Like Philips’s patented Ambilight tech and the colour-changing Hue bulbs, Lightstrip Plus can output pure white light or a range of colours – 16 million, by combining three LEDs (red, green and blue).

The new Lightstrip Plus can output light at 1,600 lumens, roughly equivalent to a typical 100 watt bulb in terms of brightness. By contrast, the older Lightstrips mustered up to 120 lumens. 

You can change the colours and brightness with the same iOS and Android apps you use to control the Hue products. Lightstrip Plusses can be paired with Hue and Ambilight to create immersive light recipes – where colours can be mixed to create dramatic sunset-like effects – and enhance your movie watching and gaming experiences. So far, we’ve only seen this working on Chariot for Xbox One and SharkNado with SyFy Sync, but hopefully we’ll see more tie-ups with developers. 

You’ll be able to place orders for Lightstrip Plus products next month at Philips’s Meet Hue site. 


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