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Pimp My Dish turns your Sky or Freesat receiver into a Bat-Signal

If you’re bored of the way your standard-issue Sky or Freesat dish looks, then you might want to head on over to Pimp My Dish. 

Taking a leaf somewhat out of the old Nokia XpressOn covers from the days of mobile yore, the website sells leatherette covers that slip over your dish. As as letting you display allegiance to your football team or pretend that you’re The Batman, Pimp My Dish’s satellite sleeves have the added benefit of acting as protective covers.

The covers protect against sun damage and sea salt corrosion in coastal areas as well as rain which affects every corner of this soggy and septic isle.

Pimp My Dish turns your Sky or Freesat receiver into a Bat-Signal
Der ner ner ner ner… Sat-man!

For those after perhaps a more subtle touch, you can get a protective sleeves in simple black and grey hues.

You can currently only directly order covers for the Sky Minidishes that measure 53cm x 40cm and 59cm x 43cm but the product page says covers for any other size dishes can be made to order.

Pimp My Dish’s covers start at £14.99 for the plain colour models with the branded ones costing £19.99. There’s no extra charges for delivery or shipping and Pimp My Dish accepts PayPal. 

Designs right now are very much football-fixated and we’re wondering if there’s room for any Hello Kitty sleeves in the future…  Head on over to Pimp My Dish to see what they’ve got.


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