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Pirates and Photoshop Fails: Digital Voices 11/05/2012

Digital Voices this week has been a little quieter than the raging comment inferno of last week. No doubt everyone’s been making good on the brief spell of good (well, better) weather we’ve had…

That hasn’t stopped everyone sticking their oar in where appropriate; here’s the latest serving of snark and barbed pith served fresh from the comments section of Recombu Digital:

Apple iTV concept: The shape of Apple TV to come or headline-grabbing guesswork?

The anonymous Guest clearly shared our views of what the Apple iTV monitor might end up looking like. Invoking the spirit of short-arse Jedi Master and Vodafone pundit Yoda, quoth Guest:

“Owning Photoshop does not a ‘designer’ you make. More than able to cut and paste from Apple press images you must be.”

Hear hear.

The Pirate Bay retaliates to UK ban with barrage of downloading alternatives

A story from last week on the blocking of The Pirate Bay’s main URL by the UK’s big prompted a couple of chuckles from those perhaps more schooled in the dark arts of the interwebz.

Bob snorted “Too easy to get around this rather non techie block. A 5 year old can bypass this…” adding “what was the point,it took me 12 seconds to be back on piratebay. Its just the start of censorship.”

Welsh broadband activists declare war on trees

This one’s been a real goldmine for comments, including last week’s rather racy suggestion on the use of leeks…

This time week we’ve had a more sanguine offering from ‘get-3-meg-and-lump-it’ who says:

“a publicity stunt and a successful one – rural parts of the whole UK are woefully unsupported with regard to broadband – they’re just highlighting the problem in Wales.”

The mystery get-3-meg has a point – doesn’t mean that Wispa’s observations don’t ring true though. Just don’t have a pang of jealousy when you read that residents of Whitchurch and Shingle Street are getting double digit download speeds before you are…

Image credit: Flickr user Insan Gibi