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Planet Knowledge beams down on internet-connected Freeview HD

Planet Knowledge and TV Player, two new interactive channels are about to launch on connected Freeview HD. 

In a similar fashion to the TARDIS-like channel VuTV, Planet Knowledge will act as a portal to a wider range of content on Freeview. 

Planet Knowledge will show on-demand factual 3D, HD and SD documentaries and similar content across categories including History, Nature, People and Culture, Science and Technology, Kids and Travel. Each category will include over 40 hours of content with a refresh of between 10-20 hours each month per category. 

More free TV over IP: Planet Knowledge and TVPlayer bring more on-demand action to Freeview

TVPlayer is a free-to-air live TV streaming service that lets you stream a wide range of channels – including Freeview ones. Because streaming something you’re already getting over the air is totally pointless, TVPlayer on Freeview HD won’t stream BBC One and so on, but you will be able to get channels like Sony’s Hindi channel SAB TV – previously only available on Freeview in certain parts of Manchester – and Viacom’s Colors. 

David Cutts, director of Synapse TV said his firm had developed technology to connect TV sets directly to streamed content. 

“We will deliver a whole range of streamed channels through a ‘portal’ application – much like the one we developed for VuTV – but in this case all the services will be free-to-view. Some of the channels delivered to mobile devices through TVPlayer are already on the Freeview platform as traditional broadcast channels, so we will not duplicate those,” he said. 

Simplestream launched TVPlayer as an app last December, allowing you to watch free to air channels on your phone and tablet without the need for a tuner peripheral like Elgato’s EyeTV



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