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Playboy and Hustler apps discreetly arrive on Philips Smart TVs

Playboy and Hustler apps discreetly arrive on Philips Smart TVsPlayboy and Hustler Smart TV apps have discreetly set up shop on Philips Smart TV sets in the UK. These strictly adults only apps provide on-demand access to video highlights and are tucked away from the regular app search tables.

Playboy and Hustler’s Smart TV apps are said to cost around £5 on a pay-per-view basis or £15 a month.

Philips hasn’t made an official announcement on these apps but confirmed to us that they are there. In accordance with regulation, both the Playboy and Hustler apps are set behind the NetTV parental lock on Philips TV.

Smart TV smut protected by a PIN, hidden behind a velvet curtain

Also, they won’t be promoted through any banners, or will be searchable from anywhere in the service. This ‘velvet curtain’ approach should minimise the chance of younger eyes stumbling across Kim Kardashian videos. To prevent such horrors, you’ll need to choose a sturdy password; for your sprog’s sake, don’t choose any of these.

Supposedly these apps are available everywhere in Europe with the exception of Germany and Turkey, according to a post on Philip’s support forums. We’re waiting to hear more from Philips on this about their costs and exact availability across its Smart TV range.

Philips is co-founder of the Smart TV Alliance app ecosystem along with LG and recent member Toshiba. The idea of the Smart TV Alliance is to create one development system for Smart TVs so that apps like Playboy and Hustler’s on-demand services can roll out to other TVs more quickly.