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Plusnet and XLN light up fibre broadband packs for small business

ISPs Plusnet and XLN Telecom are giving small businesses an online speed boost with two new fibre broadband services and early-bird offers.

Plusnet claims trials of the faster connections have improved their customers’ experience of downloading and file sharing, using cloud services, and Virtual Private Networks with more services.

Fibre broadband also made their employees both happier and more flexible, and saved money on phone costs through voice-over-IP technology.

Plusnet and XLN light up fibre broadband packs for small business
Fibre broadband will make your office as cool as this picture

Jamie Ford, Plusnet CEO said: “We pride ourselves on providing a stellar service, and we feel it is important that small businesses use a broadband package that meets their own promises to clients and customers. 

“With many of our trialists discovering new and improved ways of working we are confident that once people try a fibre broadband connection, they will want to keep it.

“With new working trends emerging, a quality internet connection is increasingly becoming a focus in the workplace as it enables a team to stay connected and work effectively, without being in the same building.”

Both services are standard FTTC (fibre-to-the-cabinet) broadband running over the BT Openreach network, which now reaches more than half of UK premises.

Plusnet Business Fibre: half price for six months

Plusnet’s Business Fibre Broadband packages come in two flavours, both half-price for six months to customers signing-up by June 27, 2013.

  • Business Fibre Broadband: 50GB monthly usage limit, and normally costs £25/month for broadband-only, or £23/month with phone (plus line rental). Overnight usage from midnight-8am is completely unlimited. Users get a free web domain and 250MB of web space.
  • Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband: No monthly usage limits, and normally costs £35/month for broadband-only, or £33/month with phone (plus line rental). Users get two free web domains and 500MB of web space.

Plusnet promises up-to-76Mbps downloads and up-to-19.5Mbps uploads, depending on your distance from BT’s street cabinet.

Both packages come with a four-port Wireless N router (£4.99 delivery), unlimited email, 24-hour freephone UK-based customer support, and static IP addresses are available.

Plusnet line rental costs £10.50/month with pay-as-you-go call charges, and call packages from £4/month.

All prices are ex-VAT, and the offer is only available to customers taking a 24-month contract, but 12-month contracts are available at full price. There’s an additional £6 monthly charge for customers outside a ‘low cost area’ with an unbundled BT exchange.

XLN The Business Fibre: Upgrades from just £10/month extra

XLN’s The Business Fibre package is available now, but from July existing customers will be able to upgrade from £10/month.

It runs at up-to-40Mbps down, up-to-2.5Mbps up, with unlimited traffic within XLN’s fair usage policy.

It costs £45.65/month ex-VAT, including line rental at £12.69/month, unlimited anytime UK calls at £7.99/month, and the broadband service at £24.97/month.

A four-port Wireless N router is bundled in (£9.99 delivery) along with free installation and freephone technical support, and there’s a minimum contract of 24 months.

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