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Plusnet fires up new Roundcube webmail

Plusnet punters who like their email web-based can now make use of Roundcube webmail with their broadband package. The new webmail platform boasts a simpler, cleaner layout, rich/HTML email composition and a find-as-you-type address book.

Plusnet fires up new Roundcube webmail

Roundcube webmail will replace the SquirrelMail-based service that Plusnet customers currently use. The two email services will co-exist for the new few months before the new Roundcube grey squirrel moves in and kicks the old red SquirrelMail out.

Other features of Roundcube include support for over 70 languages, spell checking and spam protection. Drag and drop makes moving all those viagra and cialis emails to junk easier too.

All in all, Plusnet’s new webmail is a fairly basic solution; Roundcube with Plusnet branding skinned on top. Some folks like their internet service to come with webmail and not everyone wants to use Gmail, etc. It looks a little easier on the eye than SquirrelMail did.

Plusnet fires up new Roundcube webmail

Those making the leap though might want to manually back up any contact info first though; Plusnet is reporting that some users may experience problems in moving address books between the two services. Plusnet’s Bob Pullen has posted some hints on the Plusnet forums for anyone in need of a bit of troubleshooting.