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Plusnet line rental to hit £15.95/month in inflation-busting rise

ISP Plusnet will raise its line rental by 10 per cent to £15.95 on June 10 as it removes capped Essentials packages from its broadband line-up.

The increase makes Plusnet line rental just 4p/month cheaper than its owner, BT, and puts it in line with Sky and TalkTalk‘s standard tariffs, which have also seen above-inflation price hikes recently.

The price of the annual pre-paid Line Rental Saver will be increased by a whopping 18 per cent from £131.88 to £155.88.

Plusnet is also streamlining its broadband offers with just three packages for new customers: Unlimited Broadband at £9.99/month, up-to-38Mbps Unlimited Fibre Broadband at £14.99/month, and up-to-76Mbps Unlimited Fibre Extra Broadband at £19.99/month.

Plusnet line rental to hit £15.95/month in inflation-busting rise
How smug will he look after the 10 per cent price rise?

The changes are sweetened by two deals until July 8: Unlimited Broadband at £3.49/month for 12 months, and Unlimited Fibre Extra broadband from £9.99/month for the first 6 months then £19.99/month for the rest of your 18 month contract.

The new line-up of packages doesn’t affect existing Plusnet customers on older packages, of which there are many – although most of them are no longer good value and you’d be better off signing up for a new deal.

We’re also waiting to hear about changes to Plusnet’s broadband-only packages, where there’s currently a small discount to offset to removal of phone calls normally included with line rental.

From June 10, standard broadband and phone packages will include Plusnet Weekends with inclusive calls to UK landlines, 0845 and 0870 numbers on Saturday and Sunday.

Fibre broadband and phone packages will include Plusnet Evenings and Weekends, with inclusive calls from 7pm-7am Monday-Friday as well as at weekends – standard broadband customers can upgrade to this for £2/month.

The Plusnet Anytime calls with inclusive UK calls at all times will still cost £5/month, but will no longer include a 25 per cent discount to top international destinations.

The non-inclusive call set up fee will be 15.5p and calls to 01,02,03 and non-geographical numbers (0845/0870) will rise to 9p/minute.

Rural areas to get even pricier

Like many ISPs, Plusnet charges a higher price in mostly-rural areas where BT Openreach provides a lower-quality service at a higher cost, and these are getting even costlier from June 10, although not as steeply as the normal charges.

Line rental will go up by 8 per cent from £24.99/month to £26.94/month, with Line Rental Saver going up from £257.76/year to £299.88/year – a 16 per cent rise.

Unlimited Broadband goes up 3 per cent from £16.99/month to £17.49/month, while Fibre Broadband goes up 2 per cent from £26.99/month to £27.49/month.

Thanks to ISPreview for the pricing on up-to-38Mbps fibre.


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