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Plusnet offers unlimited downloads to take sting out of price rise

All of Plusnet’s new broadband packages are now unlimited as standard. 

New customers are now free to download as much as they like without having to worry about running into data usage caps and incurring extra charges.

Andy Baker, CEO of Plusnet said that the reason for slashing monthly data restrictions on Plusnet packages was down to the more people accessing online streaming services. 

Positive Thinking: All of Plusnet's broadband packages now come with unlimited downloads as standard
Positive Thinking: All of Plusnet’s broadband packages now come with unlimited downloads as standard

Baker said: “We have seen that our average customer has more than doubled the amount of bandwidth they are using in the last year.  This is because of the increasing number of devices in any household and the continued growth in streaming media, particularly Netflix and YouTube.

“We expect average usage to rise by almost 50 per cent within the next six months and double again within two years and we believe unlimited packages give our customers the flexibility they will need for the growing dependencies on bandwidth.”

While Plusnet has done away with download caps, it’s worth noting that a traffic management policy remains in place. 

This will see streaming services like Netflix given a high priority but P2P and Usenet traffic throttled. VoIP and Gaming services are given the highest priority under Plusnet’s traffic management system. 

Plusnet now has three broadband packages, Unlimited and two FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) based services – Unlimited Fibre and Unlimited Fibre Extra. 

Plusnet Unlimited gives you download speeds of up to 16Mbps and costs £9.99/month, plus £15.95/month for line rental which works out as £25.94/month. 

The faster Plusnet Unlimited Fibre gives you speeds of up to 38Mbps and costs £30.94/month (£14.99/month plus line rental). 

The top tier Unlimited Fibre Extra service gives you maximum download speeds of 76Mbps and costs £35.94/month (£19.99/month plus line rental). 

New customers signing can currently get Unlimited and Unlimited Fibre Extra with some generous discounts. The Unlimited service can be had for £3.49/month for the first three months while Unlimited Fibre Extra is going for £9.99/month for the first six months. 

With line rental included, these discounts will see you paying £19.44/month and £24.94 respectively. 

The introduction of unlimited caps comes in the wake of Plusnet forcing a 10 per cent line rental price rise on customers earlier this month. 

Plusnet’s Line Rental Saver option sees you paying up a lump sum of £155.88. If you can stomach it, it works out cheaper – equivalent to £12.99/month – than the regular rate. 


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