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Poll: Would you pay £2 more a year to save BBC Three?

The BBC is considering shutting down the BBC Three broadcast channel and moving everything online to the iPlayer. 

The main reason it’s doing this is to money; director general Tony Hall said in his speech at the Oxford Media Convention that the BBC is undertaking a budgeting process in order to save £100 million. 

Hall also argued that 20 years ago, the full colour TV licence fee was equivalent to £147, slightly more than it costs today – £145.50. 

Poll: Would you pay £2 more a year to save BBC Three?
What price Three-dom? £2 extra a year could raise the amount of money the BBC wants to save

There are roughly 52 million TV homes in the UK. If the licence fee was increased by £2 a year, this would bring it up to £147.50, a little over what Tony Hall says it was two decades ago, and earn around £104 million for the BBC – enough to save BBC Three. 

The BBC has yet to fully detail its plans. Given the response we’ve seen to the news that BBC Three could be for the chop, we’d like to know if you, the Great British Public, would be happy paying an extra £2 a year so we can save the home of Don’t Tell the Bride, Ja’mie: Private School Girl, Family Guy and Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents

A petition has racked up over 55,000 signatures (at the time of writing) thanks to a @SaveBBCThree Twitter account. #SaveBBCThree is currently the fourth highest trending topic in the UK. Do you think BBC Three should be saved? Would you accept a licence fee increase of £2 in order to keep it or is the licence fee already too high? Please answer our survey and feel free to leave comments below. 

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