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Positive Troll is Positive: Digital Voices 22/09/2012

This week’s been an unusually quiet week on the comments front. Then again it’s been a little thin on the ground news-wise and Rollout Roundup-wise too. Seven new exchanges have been greenlighted for a fibre upgrade in BT’s feeding of the 50,000, Zen Internet increases its fibre-via-Openreach footprint and Digital Region lights up in ten more South Yorkshire postcodes.

That hasn’t stopped some of you letting us know your feelings on the progress of fibre rollout across the UK, BT’s anti-cable theft measures (a permanently favourite topic) and

We also got an uncharacteristically upbeat message below the line this week from someone who we reckon has been taking lessons from Twitter sensation The Positive Troll.

So without further ado here’s this week’s serving of Digital Voices.

Positive Troll is Positive: Digital Voices 22/09/2012

Virgin Media pulls David Tennant Doctor Who ads

David Tennant can currently be seen hosting Channel 4’s Comedy World Cup and hasn’t been playing the good Doctor for a while. But that hasn’t stopped this older story from rising up from the depths like a primordial rage-kraken.

“I don’t like Virgin, the customer service attitude is appalling, the broadband cable service is slower than dial up,” rages Luke.

We’re not sure about that Luke. We remember dial-up. It was horrible. Even the sub 1Mbps speeds we sometimes suffer in Recombu Towers are better than dial up.

“But I think the BBC are being childish about this advert!” he adds. “It is free advertising for a company that has an enforced licence which is used for perks and cheap TV!”

So you’re not a fan of the BBC either? There’s just no pleasing some people. At around £2.80 a week we reckon the licence fee isn’t that much of a rip off.

Margaret Thatcher Worst Prime Minister? The Class War continues in 4G will wipe out Freeview in 1.9 million homes, confirms Ed Vaizey

Oh Maggie Maggie what have we done? The Iron Lady is easily the most polarising figure in 20th Century British politics. Depending on how much money your dad made in the 1980’s she’s either the savior of the free market or the closest thing to a dictator the UK has had.

The latest comment in the class war debate that’s erupted in a conversation ostensibly about 4G comes from Llwynog (Welsh for ‘Fox’):

“Typical of our leadership, no real thought is given to the “Proles” as long as the large corperations make a mint alls well ! so why are we suprised.”

Without wanting to sound condescending it’s spelt ‘corporations’…

Then there’s this dash of brevity from Sultan who tries to defuse the situation with an off the cuff:

“i blame the muslims”

We’ve a feeling that the Sultan’s comment should be taken with a mountain of salt – we don’t think he was trying to be too insultan to Muslims. If anything we’re more offended by his lack of capital letters and punctuation.

Super Positive Happy Comment of the week – BT Openreach: 330Mbps FTTP broadband coming from June 11

It’s all too often that the comment action is a little too ragey and sarky for our liking. If it’s not an anti-BBC/licence fee comment it’s an anti-BT comment. Which is why we were so pleased to see Dave’s jubilation at the arrival of faster broadband:

“Excellent. Even FASTER fibre here in Glasgow. Cheers BT!”

Well that’s just great. While we know that the UK’s fibre network is fledgling and rollout is far from complete it’s good to see people enjoying the benefits of next-gen broadband already.