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Redray 4K Ultra HD player goes on sale

Redray is soon to launch its 4K Cinema Player that will display Ultra HD content on 4K-capable televisions.

The device goes on sale later this month for around £950 and will become the first consumer-ready device for native 4K playback.

Although chiefly the device will play content downloaded from the internet, it will also offer playback of Ultra HD files from USB sticks or SD cards. The device can also upscale SD and HD to Ultra HD.

Read more about 4K and Ultra HDThe player uses a proprietary compression algorithm to compress the data sufficiently to allow delivery over the internet in a reasonable space of time. The compression ratio is about 500:1, meaning a two hour film at Ultra HD will take up 18GB of space.

The Redray player comes with 1TB of internal storage, holding around 100 hours of Ultra HD video. Ted Schilowitz at Red Digital Cinema, the company behind the Redray player, told TechRadar the compression ratio used was a “sweetspot” as download speeds were continuing to expand.

“As with resolutions, broadband speeds are upping, especially in emerging markets – South East Asia, China, South Korea and Hong Kong are already blazing,” said Schilowitz.

The download service attached to the device is due to start this month with Odemax as sole confirmed content provider. However, Schilowitz said that “usual suspects” were also lined up to make 4K versions of their films available on the service.

As reported by Recombu last month, Spanish broadcasters have demonstrated 4K Ultra HD using Freeview HD technology at mobile technology bash MWC 2013.


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