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Ripper Street’s fifth and final season promises to Shine

You’d better Adam and Eve it guv’nor, Amazon’s started shooting the fifth and last ever season of hit Victorian crime series Ripper Street – and there’s a familiar face in store. 

Joseph Mawe, who Game of Thrones fans will know as Benjen Stark, is once again stepping into the shoes of Jedediah Shine, the feared Inspector of K Division. 

We last saw Shine literally on the ropes in Ripper Street’s second season after Inspector Reid (Matthew Macfayden) and Bennett Drake (fellow ‘Thrones face Jerome Flynn) thwarted his attempts to take control of Limehouse. 

Related: Ripper Street series 4 and 5 confirmed by AmazonIf the accompanying press image is anything to go by, the intervening years haven’t been kind to Shine. It’s fair to say he won’t be in a hurry to forgive Reid and Drake, given the terms everyone parted on.  

Ripper Street began life on the BBC and was brought back to life by Amazon in early 2014 after being cancelled after just two seasons. The show has since gone on to be one of Amazon’s most watched shows. All four seasons are currently available to stream on Prime Video now

Amazon’s not said when the last season of Ripper Street will be available but says it’s coming ‘later this year.’ 

It’s currently unclear if the fourth and fifth seasons of Ripper Street will be broadcast by the BBC; while Amazon picked up the cancelled show, the third season was also shown on TV at a later date. 

Amazon Prime Video costs £5.99/month on its own or can be enjoyed as a free perk alongside the £79/year Amazon Prime express delivery service. 


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