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Ritual Suicide and Nikolai Tesla: Digital Voices 30/06/2012

It’s the last day of June and the last instalment of this month’s #DigitalVoices – Recombu’s round up of the best of the comments from articles on broadband, BDUK, Digital Switchover, 4G and everything in between.

Ritual Suicide and Nikolai Tesla: Digital Voices 30/06/2012

How Sky and BT Vision carve up English Premier League football coverage

This week a mysterious commenter going by the name of ‘The Realist’ has been taking aim at the big ISPs from the comments. He or she shared thoughts on a couple of stories this week, sticking it to the man. Oh alright, Sky and Virgin Media.

Talking about Sky’s carve up of Premier League action with BT Vision, The Realist quoth:

“ “The Premiership deal is the backbone of Sky Sports”

Wrong. The Premiership deals are the backbone of Sky, if they lost the football the whole BSkyB network would collapse like a deck of cards. We can only hope and pray that day comes sooner rather than later. Nobody likes to give the Murdoch’s money so I hope many will not pay the 71% increase in subscription fee’s.”

BT makes 80Mbps cable services available to all ISPs

Talking about Virgin Media’s apparent refusal to not open up its fibre network to rival ISPs as BT is doing with it’s FTTC cable rollout, The Realist said:

“Now we just need Virgin to stop spoiling everybodies pleasure by trying to stop the fibre rollout. Thats right, Virgin is trying to stop the fibre rollout because they feel it can create an monopoly. This is the same Virgin that refuses to expand it’s own network which is a form of discrimination but at the same time still insists on sending annoying Spam through the letter boxes of those who are told they are not good enough for Fibre.

Even worse, the same Virgin complaining about “Monopoly” are refusing to open their lines for the fibre rollout, BT however are doing this and the rollout is not even finished. This means BT has to lay down it’s own fibre in area’s already fibred up by the PREVIOUS company… not Virgin and thus raising the cost to taxpayers in the process.”

We’re beginning to wonder if The Realist has shares in BT Retail…

BT’s killer RABIT foils copper cable thieves

No, really:

“Dear old Maggie (aka Britain’s Biggest Disaster) was solely responsible for putting British companies at massive distinct disadvantage by refusing to implement tax stimulus for companies to grow and also personally intervened with company affairs. Let’s take BT as an example, they wanted to go fibre during her dictatorship but she blocked them because of “monopoly concerns”. Hard Line Tories claim that would have been 15 years before optical fibre was available to businesses… and yes, thats right, because BT were ahead of their time and had the money to innovate.

It is examples like this that show how much damage Britain’s Biggest Disaster inflicted on our nation, she will not be mourned by the majority of the nation when she finally dies.”

The Realist, whoever you are, we raise our glasses to you.

£100m Yorkshire public broadband scheme needs £10m taxpayer loan to stay afloat

The old adage that Government and IT don’t mix seemed to be proven true this week, courtesy of the Department for Education. In a spectacular gaffe, private details of those who’d taken part in a public consultation were made public, thanks to a slap-dash approach to security.

The consultation was about forcing ISPs to adopt content filters, a debate at which personal privacy is at the very core, making the slip up doubly embarrassing.

Though commenter Heywood didn’t unleash his ire on the Department, the sentiment of ‘government shouldn’t do IT’ was echoed under the line on an older story about the Digital Region project in South Yorkshire:

“Get rid of some councillors, so they don’t come up with any more stupid ideas. There were trying to be businessmen, they should have left it to real businessmen.”

4G will wipe out Freeview in 1.9 million homes, confirms Ed Vaizey

As every seasoned internet user should know, Godwin’s Law is the rule that the longer a discussion thread continues, the probability of comparisons to Hitler or Nazism appearing increases.

We humbly submit evidence of Godwin’s Second Law, that along with Hitler there’s as much probability that Nikolai Tesla will appear in the comments, as has done with one of our most popular stories.

“If only Nikola Tesla were here and advising on genuine ‘power’ for all – 3G, 4G and all the Generations up to next millenium would be free at point of use for small tech support fee for the multibillionaires who set up the signal equipemnt, globally. Why don’t we push for that – we’re becoming feudal peasants tugging the forelock yessir nosir tossirs….with Cameron et al….” says Sense07, promoting a reply from Peter:

“rubbish, while astonishing at first Tesla was crazy at the end and you are confusing power with data transmission”

For other Tesla-related goodness on Recombu, check out this earlier story on Tesla’s prediction of mobile phones, which descended into a comment goldmine.

As well as this, there was a scuffle between the nonchalant Chris and the more fervent Harry Cunningham:

“you can watch freeview on ur ipad, iphone or laptop with the internet anyway, so i ay worried… (tvcatchup) although i think they should get it on the xbox/ps3,”

“I don’t own an iPad or iPhone because I’m not an iSheep willing to pay over the odds for crippled technology, and I don’t *want* to watch TV over the internet. I am, however, tremendously excited to see that you “ain’t worried”. That’s certainly of comfort to those whose signal will be affected. Thanks for your intelligent and eloquent contribution.”

We liked that Harry felt the need to not only correct his opponent but also to correct his spelling when he quoted him.

Perhaps our favourite comment on this thread so far, and possibly all month, is this from Brianm101, who tacitly suggests that Ofcom’s top brass commit seppuku:

“Ofcom allows the country to invest millions in Freeview and then sells 4G licence to
ruin the service. Someone needs to be fired or if they have any decency follow ancient and honourable Japanese’s practices!”

And at this point, we’ll leave you to add your own thoughts to the top stories and debates that have been getting people chatting this week.