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Roku users can now Buy & Keep movies from the Sky Store

Roku owners can now get sent a hardcopy of Sky Store movie purchases through the post. 

The Sky Store channel on Roku now includes a new Buy & Keep option, which means customers who buy a movie instead of renting will get a DVD copy of all purchases mailed out on the day of general release. 

This means you’ll get a back up copy of all purchases which you’re free to keep – or sell – as you see fit. Like a reversed version of UltraViolet, you’ll also be able to access any rented or purchased content across all your devices with the help of the Sky Store iOS or Android app. 

Perhaps the only drawback of Sky’s offering is that the service doesn’t offer any HD hard copies of purchases – you won’t get sent a Blu-ray copy of any high definition titles you buy. With the recent announcement of the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray spec, it won’t be long before regular DVDs start to feel pretty archaic. 

Buy & Keep became a standard feature for Sky TV customers last year and a month ago, Sky announced that the service would start rolling out to other platforms – including Roku. 

Roku’s media players have long been regarded as some of the best around, and the recently released Roku 3 update has been hailed by many as the very best streamer on the market, offering users a motion controller, voice search and a headphone jack secreted in the remote control which allows users to listen to whatever you’re playing without disturbing anyone. 

If you haven’t already, you can head over to the Roku Channel Store and add the Sky Store channel to get started, then it’s just a matter of buying your favourite films and starting your collection. 


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