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Roku launches Chromecast-style mirroring for Android and Windows devices

Roku has launched a beta version of screen mirroring, which lets you throw content from your phone or laptop’s screen to your TV. 

The feature, available to owners of the Roku 3 streaming box and the Roku Streaming Stick, currently only works with a handful of Android and Windows 8.1 devices. 

No extra apps need to be downloaded from Google Play or the Windows store – all you need to do is enable the screen mirroring option on your Roku device, pair your phone, tablet or laptop and then sit back and enjoy.

You can stream any content to your Roku, provideing Screen Mirroring is supported on your smartphone or tablet
Screenager: Rokus says you’ll be able to mirror whatever you can get on your phone on your TV. Will it pass the 4oD test?

This update comes in the wake of Google enabling screen mirroring for Android devices connected to a Chromecast

This feature lets you mirror almost everything that’s on your phone’s screen on your TV. While you’re able to check emails and browse Google Maps on the big screen, certain streaming services like All4 (the new name for 4oD) are still locked out. 

It’s not yet known if Roku’s mirroring option will come with similar limitations. 

Roku’s Lloyd Klarke, director of product management, says that whether you want to be boring and do work on your TV or have fun and play games, Roku’s mirroring option will be able to sort you out. 

Klarke said: “In the past few days, my kids have shown me their homework assignments, played funny videos from Facebook and made the visuals of the games they play huge by mirroring content on our TV screen.

“Perhaps the coolest example so far was when my son showed me a new app he’s using to compose his own music and we were able to view it together on the TV.” 

While this is potentially great for budding musicians working on demos, you won’t be able to cast Garageband sessions to your TV – Roku says that Apple’s proprietary AirPlay technology means that screen mirroring on Roku is limited to Android and Windows devices for the time being. 

The update is rolling out to all Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick devices now and should be on every device by the end of the month. It’s expected that once the service is tweaked and ready for general release, it’ll be available on more Android and Windows devices. 

Supported devices include: 

Android Windows 8.1 Windows Phone
HTC One (M8) AT&T Dell Latitude E7240 Nokia Lumia 1520
Kindle Fire HDX Microsoft Surface 2  
Nexus 4 Microsoft Surface Pro  
Nexus 5 Microsoft Surface Pro 2  
Nexus 7 Microsoft Surface Pro 3  
Samsung Galaxy S3    
Samsung Galaxy S4 (AT&T and Sprint)    
Samsung Galaxy S5 (AT&T, Sprint and unlocked)    
Samsung Galaxy Note 3    

Note that all AT&T and Sprint models are US-only. 


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