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Rural mobile coverage improved in North Yorkshire by government scheme

The North Yorkshire village of Weaverthorpe is the first location to benefit from the government’s Mobile Infrastructure Project, a scheme designed to improve mobile reception. 

The government is spending £150 million on patching up mobile notspots up and down the country. 

Infrastructure specialists Arqiva will be setting new new masts across the UK, allowing EE, O2, Three and Vodafone to extend their 2G, 3G and eventually 4G coverage. 

Rural mobile coverage improved in North Yorkshire by government scheme

Read our guides to Rural Broadband and the Mobile Infrastructure ProjectJohn Cresswell, CEO of Arqiva, said: “This is an important first step for the programme and demonstrates how investment in mobile infrastructure supports the economy, reduces the technological divide and benefits the social fabric of our regions and villages.”

As well as allowing people to work from home and on the move thanks to mobile broadband and tethering options, the Mobile Infrastructure Project will quite literally provide a lifeline to areas with no reception. 

Emergency calls can be made on any network. Even if your network has no coverage in your area you should be able to make 999 calls provided that another network is available in your area. If there’s no coverage whatsoever, then you won’t be able to use your phone. 

Communications minister Ed Vaizey added: “We are now delivering mobile coverage to small communities thanks to the government’s investment in our digital infrastructure. 

“For the first time, these small, rural communities will enjoy the benefits of mobile phones that the rest of us take for granted.”

DCMS (the Department of Culture, Media and Sport) has published a rough map which shows the areas that will benefit from the plan the most. It’s slightly confusing that Weaverthorpe is in the phase 2 area and has been connected before any locations covered in phase 1. So far there’s been no explanation as to why Weaverthorpe was picked first. 

The government has announced that Aberdeenshire, Cornwall, Northumberland, Powys and Strabane will see the most improvement over the next two years. 

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