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Samsung unpacks curved soundbar to go with bent Full HD and 4K TVs

Samsung is now all about the curves – flat TVs are so last decade. So, how do you make a soundbar to match? Easy – just make them curved too. 

Samsung is claiming that the catchily-named HW-H7500 and HW-H7501 are the world’s first curved soundbars. 

The Korean giant’s flagship roster now incorporates 17 curved Full HD and 4K TVs, ranging from 48 to 105-inches in size.  

Samsung, with these curvaceous soundbar you're really spoiling us
Samsung, with these curvaceous soundbar you’re really spoiling us

Samsung is claiming that the catchily-named HW-H7500 and HW-H7501 are the world’s first curved soundbars. 

Designed to attach to 55 and 65-inch TVs respectively, the curvy soundbars feature 8.1 channel support, with two speaker units on either end of the bar which delivers sound from three directions. 

If you’re after something a little bigger, then the 105-inch curved 4K TV comes with its own built-in 160w speaker which should do for your ears what the gigantic 5120 x 2160 pixel 21:9 aspect ratio panel does for your eyes. 

As well as being monumentally huge this panel comes with dimming technology that dynamically adjusts contrast on specific areas of the screen instead of affecting the entire picture. 

Those in the market for a smaller curved TV are going to have to wait if they want a concave soundbar to match – there’s no mentioned from Samsung yet if it’s smaller 48-inch sets will get the bendy soundbar treatment. 

The rationale behind curved TVs is that the inwarldy curving edges of the screen are better able to throw more action into your peripheral vision when you’re sat at a sweet spot in the middle. While this is fine for solo viewers, or perhaps a couple sat close together on the couch, it’s not quite so great for larger groups. 

Samsing is convinced that curved is the way forwards. “We’re at the helm of a new era in TV viewing – an era driven by the curve: a simple yet powerful design ethos that greatly enhances the viewing and overall sensory experience,” said HyunSuk Kim, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. 

“IFA 2014 marks an exciting time to share the power of the curve with the world to bring the Curved TV into the mainstream and highlight its impact on the household viewing experience and TV market as a whole.”

Those less convinced by the pro-curved argument can check out Panasonic and Toshiba’s flatter 4K offerings or maybe consider saving up for a bendable TV. Why be bent or straight when you can be both? 

UK prices and availability for the HW-H7500 and HW-H7501 have yet to be announced. 


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