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Samsung ad gets David Hasselhoff to show off its Smart Home ‘KITT’

Samsung Smart Home promises to turbo charge our relationship with the Internet of Things – but KITT, the talking car from 1980’s sci-fi cop show Knight Rider, has other ideas.  

To generate a buzz about its forthcoming connected homes platform, Samsung has roped in David Hasselhoff to star in an ad where he is constantly thwarted in his efforts to demonstrate Samsung Smart Home by an envious KITT. 

‘I’ve been connected since 1982,’ the car sneers as it sabotages yet another take. 

'Hey come on buddy. I know you've had GPS since the eighties. We cool?'
‘Hey come on buddy. I know you’ve had GPS since the eighties. We cool?’

There’s plenty of funny moments – particularly when KITT calls Hasselhoff an ‘ungrateful w***er’ – and a cheeky nod to overgrown kidults who think everything that came out of the eighties is amazing. 

While the ad is amusing, it does little to demonstrate what Samsung Smart Home will actually do. 

The closest thing we get to a hint is when the Hoff uses a smart watch – presumably a Galaxy Gear – to shut the gates of his fancy home and stop KITT from escaping, with what looks like Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy (is that a very obtuse Samsung Galaxy reference?) in the driver’s seat. 

With Samsung due to announce its big smart home plans at IFA 2014 this week, we’ll know more about Smart Home soon enough. Check out the ad below. 


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