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Samsung flexes 105-inch bendable 4K Ultra HD at IFA 2014

Samsung is blowing minds at IFA 2014 with a huge 105-inch 4K TV that’s neither flat or curved – it’s both. This flexible set will adjust its shape according to the viewers preference. 

The idea behind concave TV sets is that they supposedly create a more immersive viewing experience when you’re sat in that central sweet spot. 

While that’s great if you’re watching a film at home on your own or with one other person, if you’ve got more bodies in the room, that immersive effect is dispelled. Enter the flexible TV – a TV set that can be adjusted for all occasions. 

Your flexible friend: You might need to fork out a fair bit for a bendy 4K TV
Your flexible friend: You might need to fork out a fair bit for a bendy 4K TV

Samsung is showing off its range of demo models at the IFA 2014 tech show in Berlin to show the world how it thinks flexible TVs might take shape. 

The unnamed 105-inch 4K TV features a 21:9 aspect ratio and UHD Dimming, which dynamically adjusts the contrast of separate sections of the screen, rather than the entire panel. 

How much will one of these set you back? Samsung’s not saying at the moment. It’s likely that this particular model is a proof of concept item, designed to demonstrate how flexible TVs might work. 

This bendable 105-inch behemoth builds on the flexible 85-inch 4K OLED TV we saw earlier in the year at CES. With the prices of flat 4K TVs now dipping into the low thousands and curved 4K OLEDs priced between £6,500 and £20,000, we’d expect a flexible 4K TV, especially a 105-inch one, to be very steep in price. No pun intended. 


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