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Samsung puts Spotify Connect on its wireless speakers

Spotify subscribers can now stream their playlists on Samsung’s M Series of wireless speakers. 

Thanks to Spotify Connect, you’ll now be able to control Samsung M Series players, including the M5 and M7 Multiroom Wireless Audio speakers with your phone. 

You’ll also be able to stream your tunes to multiple speakers at once and quickly pair phones with speakers with NFC. 

Spoti-Hi-Fi: Stream Spotify playlists to Samsung speakers stationed around the home

Sten Garmark, vice president of Product Management at Spotify says that the update takes Spotify Connect, which launched in September 2013, to the next level. Garmark said: “This is huge step towards our dream to make all the world’s music available instantly to everyone, everywhere. By working with Samsung, we’re bringing multiroom streaming music to the masses.”

Samsung’s M7 speakers are priced at around £300 while the smaller M5 speakers (pictured) retail for around £220.  

The M Series wireless speakers can either be used alone or wirelessly with other selected Samsung devices such as Smart TVs, Soundbars, Home Entertainment Systems and BluRay Players via WiFi. 

Earlier this month, Samsung bundled six months of rival streaming service Deezer+ free with selected speakers, including the M7. 



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