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Samsung Smart TVs get 4K Ultra HD satellite channel

Owners of Samsung’s 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs are in for a treat; a new test channel showing off 4K content in its full glory. 

Samsung TVs from the Series 9 range, which includes 55, 65 and 85-inch models, will be able to pick up the new channel which Samsung is working on in partnership with Eutelsat. 

The free channel will be available provided you’ve got a satellite dish installed that can pick up signals from the Eutelsat 10A satellite. Samsung’s Series 9 range TVs have HD satellite tuners built in, so you won’t need any extra hardware. 

Frame by frame: Samsung’s 85-inch S9 4K Ultra HD TV

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Super Hi-Vision, Ultra HD, 4K and 8KVassilis Seferidis, director of European business development for Samsung Electronics said: “Ultra HD is the future of television because, not only offers a superior user experience but also creates exciting new opportunities for the whole TV industry.

“The Ultra HD technology is now a commercial viability and we hope that our collaboration with Eutelsat will become the tipping point for a wider cooperation across the industry for the acceleration of the standardisation and deployment of Ultra HD TV services.” 

You may need a satellite installer to help with setting everything up – try the Confederation of Aerial Industries.

You won’t be able to simply connect the dish you use for Sky+ HD or a Freesat box to get this channel, as these services use SES’s Astra 2 satellite. 

We don’t know what kind of content will be available on this free channel other than demonstration reels. Sky and the BBC have been busy filming sports and documentary content in 4K Ultra HD and have steadily built up an archive of programmes. It’d be interesting to see if Samsung Smart TV owners could get hold of this content. 

There’s no solid timetable for when 4K Ultra HD channels will launch in the UK. Sky has indicated that it could be ready by 2015, but this isn’t a guarantee we’d get it. Broadcasters and manufacturers have together formed the UK UHD Forum which will help define standards for 4K content creation and transmission. 


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