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Samsung smart TVs hit by E4 and Channel 4 switch-off bug

Channel 4 has been forced to pull the data services on two of its channels after a glitch in the service caused some Samsung TVs to switch off.

The malfunction affects E4 and Channel 4+1: when viewers switch to these channels on some Samsung TVs made before 2010, the error causes them to turn off.

Following complaints to Samsung via Twitter, the manufacturer’s support team issued a statement that the bug was down to “C4 changing the format in which it broadcasts digital text”.

Samsung smart TVs switched off by data error
Malfunction or machine rebellion? Some Samsung TVs are saying ‘no’ to E4

“We request that you disable the Digital Text option on your TV until such a time the issue is resolved in a software update that will be rolled out OTA (over the air) to your TV automatically,” Samsung said.

According to C4 chief technology officer for broadcast and distribution, Kevin Burrows, the problem was caused by a non-customer-facing data services, Broadcast magazine reports.

In plain English, we think that means meta-data about services which doesn’t go directly to the screen, unlike the actual subtitle information.

Last year, glitches in the data services of some channels on Freeview caused a number of PVRs to not work properly.


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