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Samsung to turn tech into art (again) at IFA with Origin of the Curve

Samsung will showcase a curved TV tech art installation at September’s IFA show in Berlin, designed to immerse visitors and presumably, convince them to buy the £2,000 TV.

Origin of the Curve was created by artist Miguel Chevalier and will be displayed on the Samsung Curved UHD TV, using infrared sensors to monitor visitors’ movements and change continually.

The installation comprises a collection of overlapping arches in warm oranges, pinks and yellows with darker accents and is designed to completely envelop the observer in a world of curves, moving in time to music composed by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi.

Origin of the Curve showcases the curvature of Samsung's TV
Origin of the Curve showcases the curvature of Samsung’s TV

Chevalier said: “When working with digital imagery as a medium, having the ultimate in display capabilities is crucial to the successful execution of my creations. 

“The new Samsung Curved TV merged seamlessly with my artistic direction for Origin of the Curve as it delivers the very best high-definition and color capability, coupled with an elegant curved design that draws you in and envelops the viewer.”

The French artist claims to have been inspired by the picture qualities of the Samsung curved TV, with a photo-realistic 4K ultra-HD resolution..

Yoonjung Lee, vice president of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said: “We are connecting with our customers in a more emotional way through our collaboration with Miguel Chevalier. 

“Starting from the IFA trade show, we will try to imprint ‘the Power of the Curve’ on the consumers’ mind by displaying artistic, premium visuals on the Samsung Curved TV.”

Last year, following the launch of its new range of 4K and OLED TVs at IFA, Samsung exhibited alongside Sony, LG and Panasonic at the Rook & Raven Gallery in Rathbone Place, London with the help of John Lewis.

Curved TVs have become the latest fad in screen design, with Samsung’s rival LG also producing a curved screen, while Panasonic has a TV which can flip between curved and flat.


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