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Samsung’s VR9000 robot vacuum cleaner promises to suck 60 times harder

Samsung latest robot vacuum cleaner the Powerbot VR9000 promises to be the cleanest robot yet, boasting suction power 60 times stronger than previous models. 

Such as bold claim is possible, say Samsung, due to the VR9000 coming with a bigger brush which covers a wider area and new anti-clogging technology which keeps filters clearer for longer.

Samsung says that its new advanced Digital Inverter Technology also gives the VR9000 an edge on rival robot cleaners, but it’s not entirely clear what this is or how it works. 

The Powerbot VR9000 is Samsung's smartest and hardest-sucking robot yet
The Powerbot VR9000 is Samsung’s smartest and hardest-sucking robot yet

Upgraded scanners mean that the VR9000 is better able to navigate any tight corners and the large wheel (105mm) and raised frame (up to 15mm) means that it won’t be easily encumbered by things like doorframes or wires. 

A large array of sensors also promises to help guide the VR900 around your home, constantly keeping an eye out for things like chair legs and coffee tables that might have been moved into the path of its usual cleaning routes. 

Another nice feature of the VR9000 is that you’ll be able to tell it precisely where to do clean up with a light pointer. Like a cat, the VR9000 will target a spot on the floor if you shine a light on it with the included remote control. 

Is that a big battery in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?
Is that a big battery in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Visually it looks not unlike your average robot cleaners, albeit one with a giant Duracell battery stuck in it’s innards. 

Without a full set of specs it’s hard to say for example how much dust you’ll be able to collect compared to the likes of NaviBot’s robots and Samsung’s own Silencio models. 

At the moment, we don’t have a UK price or a release date. The VR9000 has just been announced at IFA 2014 and we expect to get more information and photos soon. 


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