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Satellite broadband can do without a dish, says Phasor Solutions

Customers who can’t fit a dish on their house could still get satellite broadnand, thanks to Phasor Solutions’ new flat antenna.  

London-based Phasor Solutions successfully carried out tests of its flat satellite antenna with no moving parts that uses an electronically-steered beam to communicate with satellites at megabit bandwidths. 

The demonstration used the company’s fully operational, low profile, electronically steered, phased array antenna. The array, which is only one inch in height and covered a surface of 0.7m by 1m, managed to carry an HD video transmission via Intelsat 905 operating at Ku-band. Phasor’s patented technology successfully formed and auto-pointed the RF beam to acquire the signal emitted from the satellite and demodulated the high quality video. 

Satellite broadband can do without a dish, says Phasor Solutions
Look mum, no dish: Phasor Solutions flat antenna could transform the satellite broadband market

The beam, which is entirely formed electronically using proven conventional technology, is steerable over a 70 degree cone and is totally inertia-free allowing extremely rapid scanning whilst overcoming the limitations of dishes and offering equivalent or greater gain. 

The device can be installed on the outside of an airplane or train as it can conform to most shapes. It can also be extended to provide any required gain supporting very high data rate links with low satellite capacity demands and charges. 

The firm’s engineers have managed to contract the antenna array using low cost electronic components meaning that the system can make satellite broadband more affordable for installing on moving vehicles. 

“With the world feeling ever smaller, we want to facilitate communication regardless of where we are or where we’re going. The recent test brings us closer to delivering an affordable electronically steerable antenna” said Vito Levi D’Ancona, chairman of Phasor Solutions. 

A commercial launch of the product has been penciled in for next year. 


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