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Satellite Internet drops dish connection fees in rental scheme

An ISP has swapped up-front hardware costs for rental to make broadband satellite connections more accessible for people in hard-to-reach areas.

The ISP, Satellite Internet, is offering customers a low-cost equipment rental scheme that replaces an upfront set-up charge of hundreds of Pounds with a monthly rental payment of £12.50 over 24 months.

The ISP will provide users with terminal equipment such as a dish with Az/El mount, transceiver, satellite modem, 30m of coaxial cable, Ethernet cable to connect to a computer or router, 240V mains power supply and CD documentation. The service offers download speeds of up to 20Mbps.

Satellite Internet drops dish connection fees in rental scheme
It’s not just the space hardware that can cost a lot with satellite broadband

“With our new equipment rental scheme we hope to make satellite broadband more accessible to new customers and get more of the UK connected,” said Mike Locke, managing director of Satellite Internet.

“We pride ourselves on offering a fast and reliable service harnessing the power of Astra Connect from SES Broadband Services.”

“Our service can be used anywhere in the UK, as long as the user can have a dish installed to their property with a clear view of the southern sky in much the same way as you would expect with TV services.

“It’s a great alternative solution for those who live in remote locations where terrestrial broadband isn’t a viable option. Our new, affordable rental scheme is another step towards finally breaking down the digital divide which still very much exists in the country.”

As well as the £12.50 per month terminal equipment rental cost, customers will also be able to choose which service package to subscribe to, with prices offered from only £9.95 per month. Standard activation and installation costs will also apply.


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