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Seagate 4TB hard disk hints at the future of Sky+HD and Virgin Media TiVo

The future of Sky+ HD and Virgin Media TiVo may involve us recording our favourite shows on chunky 4TB hard disks, like Seagate’s Video 3.5HDD. 

Seagate has announced the Video 3.5HDD, a 4TB hard disk which stands to offer 480 hours of HD storage and the capability to support up to 16 simultaneous HD streams, meaning you could stream HD programmes all around the house in multiroom scenarios. 

Perfect for domestic situations where he wants to watch the Tottenham game and she wants to watch TLC… 

Seagate 4TB hard disk hints at the future of Sky+HD and Virgin Media TiVo

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to 4K Ultra HD and 8K Super Hi-VisionOnce 4K transmissions have been fully tested and the broadcast standard has been ratified, we can expect to see hard disks of this size and capability in set-top boxes. Sky has mentioned that 4K Ultra HD is a distinct possibility, but has also said it won’t go there until there’s a clear demand. With 4K TV sets still commanding a high price it could be a couple of years before this demand manifests itself. 

Note that neither Sky nor Virgin Media have announced that they’re going to be adopting 4TB disks in the next generation of their boxes, but if 4K is going to launch in the UK, then we’re going to need bigger boats, to paraphrase a certain shark movie. 

Sky has said that its always looking at new technology and how to develop its hardware and services but stresses that it has nothing to say on future developments. 

The current Sky+HD box, with its 2TB drive gives viewers 350 hours worth of space for HD programmes, or enough for two whole weeks’ worth of shows in high definition. 


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