All Sections launches Wi-Fi enabled Mother monitoring system

If you have ever wanted a Russian doll-like device to nag you to do things around the home, a French company has invented just the thing.

Mother is a hub that can monitor different aspects of your home and family life. The device, connects to your home network via its Ethernet port and comes with Motion Cookie mobile sensors that can detect location, movement and temperature.

Cookies can interact with Mother and each other for a variety of purposes, storing up to 10 days of data which automatically uploads when it senses the Mother unit nearby. Up to 24 Motion Cookies can be connected simultaneously to one Mother.

“Mother is the first true advent of the Internet of Things in everyday life,” said Rafi Haladjian, founder of “We have made sensors that unobtrusively blend into your life. She offers the knowledge and comfort you want, when and how you want it, all while remaining discreet.”

The system can monitor when people take exercise; how often objects around the house are being used; monitor home temperatures and plenty more beside. With this information, Mother can text messages, emails and phone calls. It can also play sounds and light up to notify of alerts.

A bundle including one Mother base unit and four Motion Cookies will set you back $222 (£135). The firm hasn’t divulged when Mother will be coming to the UK.


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