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Shetlands connect to undersea fibre-optic cable

The Shetlands have plugged into a high speed undersea optical fibre connection to boost the islands’ broadband speeds.

Shetland TelecomThe Gigabit fibre connection, on the SHEFA-2 cable that links the Faroe Islands to mainland Scotland, replaces a fixed microwave link to the mainland.

Shetland Telecom has now plugged the SHEFA-2 service into the Shetlands’ point-of-presence in the capital, Lerwick, which routes all of the islanders’ internet connections.

Shetland Telecom told ISP Review: “Delighted to announce that we are now connected to Faroese Telecom’s SHEFA2 fibre optic cable. We should be fully operational in the next couple of weeks.”

The Shetland Islands Council aims to provide speeds better than 24Mbps by March 2016 under the Digital Shetland initiative.

They plan to achieve this by building a fibre-optic backbone which will link all of the islands’ communities to the new fibre-optic connection to the mainland.

Community broadband groups are expected to play a key role in this expansion, such as Quasarnet, which is working to deliver fibre to the home broadband to the Gulberwick, Quarff, Cunningsburgh and Sandwick areas of Shetland.