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Sky+ Android app adds instant type advanced search

Sky is rolling out a new update to its Sky+ for Android app which adds smart Google Instant-style search that combs for results right from the first letter. 

Pressing the ‘L’ key for example will currently bring up the current British and Irish Lions Tour, then other results such as Life of Pi, Lincoln and The Lion King.

In a similar manner to how the search functions of Netflix and YouView work, when you search for a star’s name, say, Olivia Coleman the search results would pull up repeats of Broadchurch from the TV Guide and Hot Fuzz and Tyrannosaur in On Demand or the Sky Store.

Sky+ Android app adds instant type advanced search
Just lion around: Sky+ for Android is now the ultimate accessory for lazy couch surfers

In fact, the new search function is more like SwiftKey, our favourite Android keyboard, than anything else. The new Sky+ app will suggest words that viewers might be searching for, with new results updating as you type. It also learns what kinds of programmes you watch and moulds itself appropriately to your viewing habits, offering more relevent suggestions in the future. The more you use it, the better it gets.

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to the Sky+ appLuke Bradley-Jones, brand director for TV products at Sky, explains:

“We’re now taking the Sky+ experience even further with enhanced search letting customers find shows in a more intuitive and faster way. And as more customers use search, the richer the technology that powers the search suggestions will become.”

As well as letting you remotely manage recordings like before, the latest update also lets you queue up downloads from Sky’s On Demand libraries. Programmes from the Catch Up, TV Box Sets, Sky Movies and Sky Store menus can be set to download to the Sky+ HD box when you’re connected to it via WiFi.

All of this enhances what was already a great smart remote experience for Android users. Sky customers can already use the app to change channels as well as pause, play and rewind TV and add and delete recordings they have stored on their Sky+HD box without interrupting viewing on the main TV. 


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