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Sky brings ‘up to’ broadband speeds back to its advertising

Sky has brought broadband speeds back into its marketing after they were withdrawn when tough rules were brought in to regulate ISP’s speed claims.

Sky’s ADSL broadband is now sold as up-to-16Mbps, with fibre broadband available in either up-to-38Mbps or up-to-76Mbps.

The pay-TV provider and ISP had previously concentrated on its ‘unlimited’ broadband, with ‘superfast’ defining its FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) packages.

Sky brings ‘up to’ broadband speeds back to its advertising
Sky puts the speed back into broadband

Read Recombu Digital’s guides to Broadband Speeds and ISP Traffic MangementSky said: “Providing headline broadband speeds means our customers can decide which of our unlimited broadband packages best suits their needs.”

Since April 2012, broadband speed predictions have been delivered individually to potential Sky customers as they started the process of buying a Sky Broadband package, with no up-front promises.

ISPs were forced to review their claims about broadband speeds when the Committee for Advertising Practice brought in new rules following numerous customer complaints of unrealistic advertising.

Broadband providers can only claim top speeds available to at least 10 per cent of their customers, which can only be rounded down, not up.

Exaggerated broadband speed claims have so far proven less tricky for fibre broadband, where consumers often get close to the maximum speed available.

However, that’s likely to be less common as BT Openreach rolls out FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) as part of the government’s BDUK broadband rollout plan, with increasingly long distance from the cabinet to the customer.

FTTC speeds drop off significantly once customers are around a kilometre from the cabinet.


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