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Sky Broadband ditching Sky Email for Yahoo Mail

Sky Broadband ditching Sky Email for Yahoo MailSky Broadband customers won’t be able to use their web-based Sky Email from April onwards as the ISP is switching to Sky Yahoo Mail.

This is a Sky-branded version of Yahoo Mail which will bring features such as unlimited storage and the ability to open emails in tabs.

Your email address will not change and neither will your contacts or your calender.

Sky Broadband ditching Sky Email for Yahoo MailSky customers can agree to be signed up for the new service now if they want, but the service won’t be ready to use until April. Once it’s launched, you’ll just sign is as normal with your address and password. 

Use of Sky Yahoo Mail will require you to agree to the Terms & Conditions of Yahoo’s Privacy Policy.

If you don’t want to use Sky Yahoo Mail you can carry on using Sky Email as normal until April when the service will be discontinued.

If you’re a Sky customer and you use Sky Email then this shouldn’t be news to you as you should have already received this email. If not, you’ve got until now until the beginning of April to decide what you want to do.

February 12, 2013