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Sky Broadband filters break internet websites for subscribers

Parental controls on Sky’s broadband packages have blocked access to and causing some harmless websites to not load properly for Sky customers.

Thinkbroadband discovered the problem with Sky’s phishing and malware protection systems. These controls blocked the Jquery website, which hosts a number of javascript tools used by many webmasters and website developers. The domain’s tools help websites simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.

With the block in place, many harmless websites seem to completely break when loading up on the browsers of Sky customers.

Thinkbroadband tried to report the block as a misclassification but when they tried to do so, Sky’s website returned an error page, making such a request ultimately futile. The blog said that it suspected Jquery was being blocked after being linked to an actual malicious website.

The block was finally removed yesterday morning for Sky customers using the malware and phishing filter.

A Sky spokesperson said, “JQuery was temporary blocked this morning having been misclassified. Our review process kicked in shortly afterwards and the site was unblocked just over an hour later.”

Sky confirmed with Thinkbroadband that it was talking to Symantec, the firm that provides and updates the blocking database, about why the site was blocked in the first place.

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