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Sky commits to 3D

Sky won’t be pulling the plug on its 3D channel anytime soon, according to the satellite broadcaster.

Sky 3D director John Cassy said that over half a million Sky subscribers had signed up for 3D, its strongest quarter to date, the firm claimed.

“We recognise that at this stage in its development 3D isn’t for everyday viewing, like on a standard TV channel. This is why we continue to believe it is about focusing on big events where the technology really benefits viewers,” said Cassy.

Credi: Sky

Cassy said that 3D has been “a great way of helping our customers get move value from their Sky subscription by providing a unique, immersive 3D experience at home for no additional cost.”

“This is because – unlike some other providers of 3D programming in the UK or US – we are a platform operator as well as a content producer. This means that a significant proportion of the value of providing great TV in 3D lies in how it helps attract new customers to join Sky, and provide another reason for existing customers to stay with Sky,” he added.

As reported by Recombu, the BBC has announced it will ditch its own 3D service at the end of the year citing lack of demand for the service.

Kim Shillinglaw, head of 3D for the BBC said that she had not seen a “big appetite” for the technology in the UK.

Sports channel ESPN is also going to halt its 3D efforts at the end of the year as well.


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